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A selection of our work

Groningen Seaports asked Marinminds to help implement it's vision for 2030: the realization of economic growth in combination with the ambition to achieve this in a sustainable way. Marinminds investigated the technological opportunities and currently we are realizing relevant pilots in several sprints. This resulted in awareness among stakeholders and foremost new business and operational insights for sustainable growth.  

Groningen Seaports

How do autonomous systems perform their job on a ship, how does the maritime environment influence sensor data? To investigate the opportunities, challenges and (technical) implications of autonomous shipping for the maritime industry, Marinminds set up a research project together with the Workumer Yachtservice, van Oossanen Naval Architects and Andata AI Labs. The group of companies is now able to offer autonomous shipping development services to the maritime industry.

Project Sensing

Creating and deploying the next generation monitoring & control system for luxury yachts: that was the challenge EsSense AI was about to face. In co-creation with their team, Marinminds developed a new strategy focused on technical development and integration, marketing and sales. The result: EsSense AI now succesfully ships to renown yachtbuilders worldwide.

EsSense AI: smart monitoring & control

Marinminds supported a Dutch maritime service supplier with planning a proof of concept project aimed at remote monitoring, controlling and predicting maintenance of components and on-board systems. We assessed the required partners, the involved risks, opportunities and investments. Delivering an actionable plan for execution.

Maritime service provider (confidential)