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Co-Innovation Programs

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Cross Maritime Marketing

Status: In Progress / Open for participation

One Reason: Increase average revenue per (shared) customer. 

Customers attending a particular maritime event could be interested in renting a sailing boat the next year, and after renting for a couples of years they might want to own and buy a ship them self. Based on this customer journey partnering companies within this program recognize the chances of cross- and upselling their product and services between companies and even sectors.

Scope: Digital marketing strategy

Besides offline and often similar marketing channels the program partners already individually leverage various digital channels such as social media, email, and websites. Could a cooperative digital strategy lead to more overall spending of current and prospective customers within the group of partners?

Team: Launching Customer Collaborators, Researchers and Product Experts

We managed to bring a well mixed group of participants together in this program with researchers and students able to discover radical, new insights; active collaborators from potential launching customers and product experts both in the field of digital marketing and maritime sales, keeping an eye on feasibility and product-market fit.

Think Big, Test Small, Fail Fast and Learn Always: 

According to our 5-step methodology and innovation mantra we design and start to test small hypotheses. The next is all about iteration: you want to test new ideas as fast as possible and receive and measure feedback on them. This means reworking the ideas with potential and discarding flawed ideas

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