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Digital Production Twin

Status: Defining / Open for participation

One Reason: Efficient cooperation in the yacht building process 

In general, the building of a yacht is a time consuming and cumbersome process, inherent of inefficient activities and faults which need fixing along the way. What if,we could digitally mimic the yacht building process; capture and analyze operational data from assets and processes real time; diagnose issues; identify and implement performance improvement actions?

Scope: Digital Twin

It is possible, by creating a Digital Twin Marinminds wants to offer visual emulation to support understanding of operational characteristics and how they relate to performance outcomes. Potential faults in process design, operations and work schedules can be identified and resolved before the actual building process is started. During the building process insights in possible delays and advancements are used to efficiently iterate the building schedule.

Team: Active Collaborators, Researchers and Product Experts

As we are defining this program it is still possible to join as an active collaborator, researcher or product expert. We are currently reviewing and evaluating applications.

Think Big, Test Small, Fail Fast and Learn Always: 

Get in touch and join us in discussing the possibilities, next steps, hypotheses and how to test the assumptions.

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