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Digitization: "the process of converting information into a digital format"

How do virtual twins, augmented reality, data mining, simulation and artificial intelligence lead to growth?

With digitization we are able to shorten the value chain consisting of design, development, manufacturing, delivery to the customer and service & maintenance.

Example: Fault detection through digitization

The Challenge: fault detection on-board takes too long.

The Innovation: The various components on board a ship generate enormous amounts of data, however most of them are separately stored on each device or not stored at all. By recording, combining and analyzing the combined data we are able to gather new and valuable insights from this data: 

The Results: 

The applied concept reduces the time required for fault detection over 60% on average! Moreover, a significant travel cost reduction was achieved through remote access to the system.

Example: Commissioning electronics with digitization

The Challenge: installment and commissioning of electronics on-board is time consuming

The Innovation: Connecting all components during production to the cloud and implementing data analysis techniques during production, the correct functioning of each component is secured from the start of the manufacturing process.

The Results: 

The applied concept reduces the time required for commisioning over 25%! Faulty system components are detected during the installation process.