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connected app

Connected to your yacht.

Wherever you are.

With remote controls and more, EsSense connected app puts your yacht in your pocket. Whether at home or onboard the app provides you with new levels of access to your yacht, enhancing your yachting experience.


Whether it is access to real-time information about your yacht, the ability to control the lights, sunroof or bathing platform the EsSense connected app provides access to a range of yacht enhancing services.

Actual fuel and water tank levels, battery state of charge, yacht's location and room temperatures are at your fingertips


Many of the most popular music, podcast, and other entertainment apps are compatible with the EsSense connected app.

You can choose from a variety of things to listen to including your own playlists and libraries.

Audio books. Podcasts. Playlists. Radio. EsSense compatibility with many popular audio entertainment apps allows you to easily access your libraries, playlists, and stations as you would from home or your mobile device.



Don't miss a thing with live video feeds from the camera's onboard your yacht. EsSense connected app let's you review the moments you missed. Record your videos and capture photos to review, save, and share the moments you missed for up to 30 days.

Check in on your yacht anytime with live view

Review, save, and share the moments you missed

Check the surroundings of your yacht when onboard



Find out about the benefits of your yacht with the complete Owner's Handbook with pictures and explanatory animations. The better you know your yacht, the more comfortable your yachting experience.

Depending on the specific vehicle, all or a selection of the following content is available to you:
- The complete Owner's Handbook.
- Brief instructions.
- A search by topics.
- Explanatory animations.
- Solutions depending on the situation, on the basis of quick links.
- Explanations of warnings and alarms
- Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).