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yacht assist

Stay relaxed.

Throughout your journey. 

EsSense yacht assist includes sailing assistance features to help you feel at ease, delivering the safest and most comfortable journey possible.


Backing up or moving in tight areas can be nerve-racking. We always worry about what we cannot see. With a Top View and 3D Surround View on your instrument cluster, you can maneuver your yacht with precision in narrow docking areas. The system offers protection against damage and potential high repair costs.

The Top View gives a clear oversight of the yachts surroundings during docking or manoeuvring in tight areas. With the help of a 360° camera system a birds-eye view of the yacht and its surroundings is simulated.

3D Surround View allows you to view the yacht and its surroundings from various selectable perspectives. 


The night vision view uses a long-range infrared camera and can react to the thermal energy given off by objects. Converted to black and white images, the information can be viewed in the instrument cluster of your yacht.


The EsSense Sail Recorder allows you to record a video from the yachts environment and play the video back on the instrument cluster or the EsSense Connected App. Important information such as speed and GPS position are stored synchronously with the video.