Your digital yacht crew experience starts here:

1. Install on board

Connected Yacht Package

The digital bridge between you, your yacht and your virtual crew. Integrated seamlessly within your  existing or new-build yacht. Connected to your smart phone.

2. Start asking

Reach out by speech or chat:

'How to manoeuvre into the marina?'

'Is there a mooring available?'

'Is it safe to anchor here?'

'How do I restart the generator?'

3. Stress relieved

Our skilled assistant guides you, sends the itinerary, location or manoeuvre to your helm station. Gives you tips and tricks. Remotely resolves technical issues. 

What's included in Digital Yacht Crew:

Connected Yacht Package:

  • A tailor-made helm station which perfectly suits your yachts design

  • Includes touchscreen(s) and connectivity pack (Cellular, WiFi and/or SatCom)

  • Significant improvement of the user experience

  • Multiple options to interact with the system: dedicated button consoles

  • Ergonomic design by automotive experts: comfortable and rested behind the wheel

  • Installation in existing or new-build yachts included

  • Proven and certified technology

  • Receive status updates and warnings from your yacht on your smartphone

  • Control and monitor your yacht remotely using your smartphone 

Services in this package:

  • Captain Connect: your remote assistant available 24/7 

  • Navigator Connect: your remote assistant advices on routing, rules and regulations. Plots and sends itineraries to your helm station.

  • Engineer Connect: your remote assistant analyses data from onboard systems, warns and fixes issues.

  • Over-the-air updates for your on-board systems

Ask your questions before, during or after your trip:

  • Interesting places: "Where do we sail today?"

  • Location based events: "Any special events on my location today?"

  • Navigation advice: "What is the best itinerary to the islands?"

  • Manoeuvre advice: "What is the best manoeuvre to dock with crosswinds?"

  • Operation guidance & handbook: "How do I operate my yacht?"

  • General yachting tips & tricks: "How do I securely attach the lines?"

  • Local Service Search: "Who can fix the generator?"

Download today and receive

Yes, all these services are very personal, yacht specific and location based too, but don't worry: we've sorted that out as well!

Download the Quick Reference Guide today and you'll receive:

Bonus 1

Personal intake to discuss your preferences

We'd like to get personal: only than we are able to provide the unburdened service you expect from a dedicated crew. With a personal intake we'll discuss the challenges regarding your yachting journeys, location and your current or new build yacht.

Bonus 2

Let's fix the technical issues on your yacht

There is nothing worse than technical issues spoiling the fun of yachting. Any brand, from Prestige, Ferretti and Riva to boutique and custom build Dutch luxury yachts: we know the ins and outs. With our extensive network of service suppliers and a quick briefing from your side we are able to arrange assistance and get you roaming the seas again in no-time.