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Extraordinary Events

Extraordinary Maritime Experiences made possible through collaboration of the finest maritime entrepreneurs.

"In life, It's not where you go, it's who you travel with"

Through successful co-creation we managed to create the best in experiencing the seas.

Current Events

Co-created by Sailing Dutchman, Sailcharter Friesland, Workumer Jachtservice & Marinminds

Lemsteraak Regatta Hafenfest Emden

16.17.20 - 19.07.20

A sailing experience in a class of its own: the Lemsteraak Regatta to the Hafenfest of Emden



Lemsteraak Sailing Experience

19.07.20 - 22.07.20

Experience the Wadden Sea World Heritage by sailing with a Lemsteraak from Emden Germany to Harlingen the Netherlands 


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