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Current Trends

Innovation is a key factor for success, market players respond to the current trends of digitisation, monitor & predict, situational awareness and sustainability.

We have specialised and currently run programs in today's most important trends for the maritime industry. Marinminds has the expertise and network needed to create and manage co-innovation and co-creation programs on these topics.

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Digital Production Twin

In general, the building of a yacht is a time consuming and cumbersome process, inherent of inefficient activities and faults which need fixing along the way. What if,we could digitally mimic the yacht building process; capture and analyze operational data from assets and processes real time; diagnose issues; identify and implement performance improvement actions?...

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Sustainable Yachting

Faced with challenges including pollution, climate change and the pursuit of a zero-carbon economy, the world is searching for ways to transform to a sustainable world for present and future generations. One could argue that the yachting industry cannot be sustainable. Nevertheless practices that improve environmental performance can lead to significant savings, goodwill among employees and customers and enhanced brand reputation...

Tropical Fish

Monitor & Predict

Whether cargo ship, workboat, ferry or crewtender: efficient operation is the most sought after quest in commercial shipping. A multiple of topics and challenges undermine the cost-effectiveness of ships: Unexpected downtime of on-board systems lead to delays. Anomalies cause increased operating expenses and unsatisfied customers.Decreasing freight rates and tight emissions regulations make it difficult...

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Customers attending a particular maritime event, say a sailing regatta, could be interested in renting a sailing boat the next year and after renting for a couples of years they might want to own and buy a ship them self. Based on this customer journey partnering companies within this program recognize the chances of cross- and upselling their product and services between companies and even sectors.


Situational Awareness

With the ambition to develop autonomous ships, situational awareness becomes increasingly important. However before autonomous ships sail into our ports more urgent challenges are to be solved: Captains on-board experience an increase in workload, stress through the amount of information that is presented...

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