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Monitor & Predict

Status: Defining / Open for participation

One Reason: Efficient Operations lead to Cost-Effective Ships

Whether cargo ship, workboat, ferry or crewtender: efficient operation is the most sought after quest in commercial shipping. A multiple of topics and challenges undermine the cost-effectiveness of ships:

  • Unexpected downtime of on-board systems lead to delays. Anomalies cause increased operating expenses and unsatisfied customers.

  • Decreasing freight rates and tight emissions regulations make it difficult to operate ships economically viable.

  • In practice, helmsman do not always manoeuvre in the most efficient manner because they lack in-depth information about the current situation.

With the arrival of increased connectivity (5G), IoT, AI and Machine Learning optimization is within hand's reach. Applications include: Ship & System Condition Monitoring, Optimization of Operations and Decision Support systems whether on-board or remote.

Scope: Online AI monitoring platform

An online platform showing real-time diagnostics and continuous monitoring of ships systems. Collecting all the available data, store it in a widely recognized format, and with the use of AI/Machine Learning software tools: analyze, inform and alert users and customers. With it putting the power of data into the hands of the shipping companies.

Team: Active Collaborators, Researchers and Product Experts

We already managed to bring a well-mixed group of participants together in this program, including product
experts and potential launching customers. However, since we are in the initiating phase it is still possible to join as an active collaborator, researcher or product expert. We are currently reviewing and evaluating applications.

Think Big, Test Small, Fail Fast and Learn Always: 

Get in touch and join us in discussing the possibilities, next steps, hypotheses, assumptions and how to test them.

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