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Bring back design!

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

The process of yacht design is a great one, for the owner it’s an amazing process to express his thoughts and feelings, see it come alive on paper, renderings and in real life in the water.

But in between comes the engineer, the engineer moans and groans about the difficulty of the design: “we can’t make that kind of curves”, “it won’t last in a harsh environment” or “we would have to make it custom, that’s going to be expensive”.

We’ve especially seen helmstation design suffering from these engineers influences. The engineer opts for series components; boxes from the well known brands and places them almost randomly next to the levers supplied with the engine: and so another well thought helm station design is flushed down the toilet.

Did you see standard screens, buttons and levers in the first designs and renderings of your yacht? No! Because they don’t fit in the well thought out, well designed interior. They don’t express your idea and the yacht you imagined.

How many hours do you spend behind the wheel? How many times do you walk past the helm station? The design should respect and express the overall design of your yacht. Don’t settle for less.

Let’s start the challenge:

Marinminds will make that helmstation design.

We’ll make that design from the first sketches come alive: all with proven and certified technology. We’ve have the tools to realize a custom helm station including digital dashboard for the right price.

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