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Kill the yacht owner's manual

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Instead choose extreme user-friendliness and guidance.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned yacht owner or only have a few sea miles on your resume: an extremely user friendly yacht and guidance on how to operate it can mean the difference between a fantastic yachting experience and a terrible one. Whenever operating your yacht gets complicated there is always the owner’s manual with instructions right? Owner’s manuals...creating more problems than they solve. All of the yacht owners manuals we read in the past were extremely impractical. Text-heavy, difficult to understand or too abstract, too technical, not available when needed, structured poorly, difficult to edit and impossible to track and search, not focused on the problems you want to solve… Think of all the Apple products you owned (or even know), you may notice that something is missing from all of them: a real instruction manual. They are so user-friendly that they are intuitive. When they aren’t, there are small snippets of information instantly available. As a backup there is a help function on Apple’s website: which is not an instruction manual, it’s a user guide. At the start of the season you get on your yacht for the first trip of the year, do you remember the startup sequence? the wifi password and that menu item to create a waypoint in the chartplotter...where was it? You’ve planned to redo a trip you did 10 years ago: are you going to study and plan the route and tides on your chartplotter, do you remember how to update the charts and have access to up-to-date marina information? At sea there is an alarm beeping, do you know what it’s for, is it important? How do you find out? An instruction manual doesn’t solve these problems, yes: they indicate and give suggestions, but a guideline instead numbers consecutive actions in a procedure which guarantees fewer mistakes and better useability.

A good owners guide isn't technical at all, the topics are categorized by general situations and problems, include a search function and are updated with new information regularly. At Marinminds we are dedicated to deliver extraordinary yachting experiences, we do this through instant on-board assistance.

Our owners guide mobile app includes:

  • specific guides tailored to your yachts brand and model

  • general yachting information and how-to’s

  • location-based, up-to-date information

Owner's Guide App by Marinminds
Owner's Guide App by Marinminds

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