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The connected engineer

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Instant Comfort and Control with Digital Yacht Crew

Your yacht service supplier discovers issues upfront and fixes them instantly. Bringing you peace of mind.

This is how it works

The responsible engineer at your preferred yacht service supplier instantly receives a message on his smartphone when the Marinminds Digital Yacht Crew system detects a malfunction. The self-learning marine electronics system analysis data on-board and in the cloud. With hours of recorded and analysed data from similar and other yachts around the world, the systems improves in detecting malfunctions with the minute.

If the engineer requires more information on the source of the issue, he is able to tap into the logged data to make a thorough problem analysis. With the desktop or smartphone web-application he is able to break the problem down into small parts and decide on the best action to take to tackle the problem. The pre-configures dashboards and automatically marked events will help him to quickly navigate through the vast amount of data.

Subsequently he will fix the problem or sendt a report of the issue and the analysis to his colleague who fixes the issue instead.

Before the connected engineer was born

After a busy week, the yacht owner would come to his yacht ready to enjoy the first sundowner with his family, only to find out they'll have to stay in the harbour to wait for the engineer. Not a good start of the holiday.

Peace of mind

Until the issue is fixed, the yacht owner doesn't have to be in the loop. If only he cares for an unburdened yachting experience his "digital" crew will take care of the yacht. The Digital Yacht Crew-system gives the yacht owner total piece of mind knowing everything is been taken care of. This is confirmed the day before departure when he receives a confirmation that all is set and ready for a splendid, unburdened yachting holiday.

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