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What is yacht crew

Yacht crew generally consist of the following positions: Captain; Steward/ess; Deckhand; Chief mate; Second mate; Chef; Engineer.


Sea captain; Ship’s captain; master; or shipmaster is the commander of the ship. A licensed mariner who is responsible for safe operation of the ship. All persons on board including authorities, crew and passengers are under captains authority.


Attends to the Owner and Guest, and upkeep of the yacht interior. Provides 5-star service to guests in ensuring the ultimate comfort on board. Maintaining housekeeping, wardrobe and laundry for both guests and yacht crew.


Maintains and tidies exterior of the yacht, performing the day to day duties that keep the vessel clean and running. All outside is responsibility of the deckhand, maintaining and cleaning deck, hull, stainless steel parts, portholes/windows. Operating the yachts 'toys', e.g. ribs, jet ski, submersibles.

Chief mate

Chief officer;1st Mate; 1st Officer. Customaliry the Chief is responsible for the deck crew and the ship’s cargo and answers to the captain for the safety and security of the ship. A primary tasks of a C/M is watchstanding and takes command of yacht from Captain when required, also shares Captains responsibilities as required.

Second mate

Bosun; 2nd Mate; 2nd Officer is the third in command and a watchkeeping officer, customarily the ship's navigator. Second mate ussually assists the Chief mate with its duties.


A professionally trained culinary expert whose is responsible for the cuisine. Prepares all meals for guests and crew, orders all kitchen provisions and is in charge of ships galley. Opposed to land based cuisine, a yacht chef must be flexible and have a can-do attitude to adapt to what is available.


Engine officer; engineering officer. Responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of all mechanical, electrical, electronic, auxiliary equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic and appendages on-board. Performs regular service, orders (spare) parts and is overall responsible for the machine room.

Other (specialty positions)

Can include any requirements from Owner, including helicopter pilot, fitness, instructor/beauty therapist, dive instructor, nannies and bodyguards.

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