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Predictive Maintenance

Status: Defining / Open for participation

One Reason: Decrease (unexpected) downtime of ship operations

Whether a yacht or cargo ship: unexpected downtime of on-board systems is undesired. Delays due to anomalies cause increased operating expenses and unsatisfied customers. To prevent this technicians monitor ship systems performance according schedules and subsequently perform maintenance tasks, yet not all anomalies are detected due to the periodic nature of these checks. Once unexpected anomalies are discovered by the owner or crew during operation, abnormal measures need to be taken to prevent further agony: inefficient, costly and unnecessary. With the arrival of increased connectivity (5G), IoT, AI and Machine Learning this entire process can be automated and optimized.

Scope: Online AI monitoring platform

An online platform showing real-time diagnostics and continuous monitoring of ships systems. Collecting all the available data and with the use of AI/Machine Learning software tool, alerting users for an impending failure and automatically schedule Best Time for Repair.

Team: Active Collaborators, Researchers and Product Experts

We already managed to bring a well-mixed group of participants together in this program, including product
experts and potential launching customers. However, since we are in the initiating phase it is still possible to join as an active collaborator, researcher or product expert. We are currently reviewing and evaluating applications.

Think Big, Test Small, Fail Fast and Learn Always: 

Get in touch and join us in discussing the possibilities, next steps, hypotheses, assumptions and how to test them.

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