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Digital Yacht Crew™

More then just a yacht monitoring service


Yacht Service

Marinminds Digital Yacht Crew™ consists of 24/7 monitoring, remote diagnostic and service coördination.

Key data of ships systems are continuously monitored, our experts detect issues with the help of AI software. A dedicated yacht manager coördinates the needed service and solves the issue.


Through our partners we are able to provide yacht service worldwide.

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Smartphone app

Boat app status
Boat app chat
Boat app Luxury Yacht

Realtime yacht status

... at your fingertips

Data is transfered from onboard systems to your personal cloud server setup, our service connects your smartphone with your yacht. Through our intuitive boat app you can access this data, enabling you to check a wide range of critical information such as but not limited to: location, battery voltage, range, tank level(s), temperature(s).

Aditionally you'll receive alerts & alarms, an overview of service activities and you are able to directly communicate with your dedicated yacht manager. 

The Connected Hub is NMEA compatible and an encrypted connection makes sure your private data is kept secure. 


Data analysis

Our experts analyse the raw data with the help of AI software, it enables us to remotely diagnose issues or predict failures in the nearby future. Keeping your yacht healthy. 


Over 75+ alerts and alarms can be set, making sure whenever a problem arises our experts are on top of it. The data is presented in a comprehensible manner through an online dashboard.

A considerable share of failures are solved immediately, without the need for you to turn back to port or wasting time on getting a service engineer onboard.


And whenever there is a need for assistance, communication with your personal yacht manager is swift and easy through the boat app.

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Alerts & Alarms

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