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Situational Awareness

Status: Initiating / Open for participation

One Reason: Better Navigation

With the ambition to develop autonomous ships, situational awareness becomes increasingly important. However before autonomous ships sail into our ports more urgent challenges are to be solved: Captains on-board experience an increase in workload, stress through the amount of information that is presented. Efficient routing of ships is possible through availability of data, but needs to be presented in a human proccesible format. How can we use the fast amount of data to help captains navigate saver and efficient? How can we take the stress away from yacht owners during mooring in a tight harbour spot?


Marinminds aims to solve today's issues on the road to autonomy.


Scope: Master situational awareness through User Experience and AI

Get in touch with us, together we define the exact scope of this project to fit your specific needs.

Team: Active Collaborators, Researchers and Product Experts

We are defining this program, it is possible to join as an active collaborator, researcher or product expert.

Think Big, Test Small, Fail Fast and Learn Always: 

Get in touch and join us in discussing the possibilities, next steps, hypotheses, assumptions and how to test them.

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