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Strategy Sprint Workshop

a focused innovation strategy in one afternoon

Goal of this Workshop

This afternoon workshop is for company owners and management who seek to implement innovations into their current business. Many companies already innovate and develop new opportunities through Design Sprints, Design Thinking and Canvasses but lack a deep understanding of the business side: where should these innovations lead to? How do we get there and how do we measure progress? 
Without business and product insights, innovation becomes a goal in itself and with it return of investment will be disappointing. This workshop gives you focus on the real reason to innovate.

Find your One Reason to Innovate

You are probably here because you want to actually benefit from the innovation process; have R&D not just as an expense on your balance sheet but actually profit and reap the fruits from innovations contributing to your company's mission.

In this workshop we zoom out on your ecosystem, zoom in on your mission and subsequently find the threats and chances which will have the most impact to your future business. Only with this base we are able to follow our proven 5-step methodology for effective co-innovation.

Results! After completion you'll know:

  • Why companies as Google and Amazon are able to continuously reap the benefits of innovations

  • The biggest mistake to avoid when it comes to innovation, avoid this mistake and positive return of investment is guaranteed.

  • The mantra of innovation which will change the way you'll look at the processes in your company.

  • Which team members truly develop new and successful products and services.

  • The next steps to take specifically tailored to your companies situation and needs.


Walk away with a tailored action plan, a practical starting point and methodology to start innovation in your organisation with positive return of investment. 

An inspired mindset to start building an innovative environment not only within, but also around your company.


Insights into new business opportunities within hands reach.

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  • Target Audience: Board, Management team, Company Owners

  • Number of participants: 1-5

  • One company or partnership per workshop

  • Inspirational location: Yachtbuilders Workum (Friesland, The Netherlands)