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Sustainable Yachting

Status: Defining

One Reason: Neutralise the footprint of yachting

Faced with challenges including pollution, climate change and the pursuit of a zero-carbon economy, the world is searching for ways to transform to a sustainable world for present and future generations. One could argue that the yachting industry cannot be sustainable, that negative effects on the environment are inherent to the industry, such as the irreversible use of earth's resources and the emission of greenhouse gases. Nevertheless practices that improve environmental performance can lead to significant savings, goodwill among employees and customers, improved employee motivation and retention, and enhanced brand reputation. Businesses engaging in these practices also benefit from attracting customers who care about front-page issues like climate change and biodiversity loss. Consumers, and especially wealthy consumers, increasingly align their spending with personal values when price, quality and convenience are perceived to be comparable.

Marinminds foresees a pro-active shipbuilding industry. Initiating its own agenda beyond legislative
developments, we foresee a market driven demand for ‘cleaner’ products and services. 

Scope: Assess, monitor and compare the ecological impact

Our aim is to neutralize the footprint of the northern Dutch maritime industry. By looking at ways to asses, monitor and compare the ecological impact of the products and services, we gain the knowledge for innovation and technology needed towards more sustainable processes. It is this innovation and technology which the industry can use to their advantage, making it resilient and providing new business opportunities.

Team: Active Collaborators, Researchers and Product Experts

Marinminds envisions a holistic approach. We bring experts on Sustainable Development, Shipbuilding, Supply-chain, AI, Marketing and Financial together, in order to provide a comprehensive approach. Using proven tools available to assess current processes and providing hands on practices, in order to neutralize the ecological footprint of the industry and at the same time improving business results.

We are defining this program, it is possible to join as an active collaborator, researcher or product expert.

Think Big, Test Small, Fail Fast and Learn Always: 

Get in touch and join us in discussing the possibilities, next steps, hypotheses, assumptions and how to test them.

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