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As a builder of luxury yachts you want to ensure your customers carefree ownership and provide them with the most excellent yacht service available.


You want the security that your customers receive worldwide instant assisance when an issue arises on board, and don't want them to have to cancel their trip, because the yacht is not ready for departure.


To improve aftersales you directly want to diagnose the cause and provide them with personal assistance so it can be solved in a swift and cost effective manner. 

What you need is Digital Yacht Crew™ by Marinminds.

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The benefits 


Offer worldwide direct service with 24/7 monitoring of ships systems.


Minimalize the use of service engineers and/or service providers and save on travel and accomodation expenses.


Offer a turn key connected boat solution to your customers


Obtain key data about most frequent technical issues and avarage yacht use


Run remote diagnostics on complex technical issues


Receive monthly in depth status reports


Prevent hassle around aftersales, instead make a profit

"A highly advanced solution..." 

David Seal

Yacht Broker


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Sacs Rebel 40

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Libertas & Felicitatem

Tailored service

Yacht size

Our service is tailored for luxury yachts in the range of 30-100ft.


Either outfitted with traditional or state-of-the-art equipment, there will always be datapoints to connect with and relevant information to collect.


Connectivity is not required, we can either add a dedicated connection to the hub or provide you with advanced maritime connectivity for other purposes such as navigation, communication and entertainment.


Service supplier

We work with preferred service suppliers or make use of our extensive network.


That’s the beauty of our service, you can sail wherever you want and expect 24/7 remote monitoring and instant assistance.

Check out a selection of the yachts we service.

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