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Always ready for departure

We provide the security that your yacht is well taken care of and kept in top condition. Enjoy the good times on the water, instead of the hassle around yacht service.


It can take up a lot of your spare time to manage all the necessary service and repairs, schedule tasks or discuss unresolved issues and high costs. Let us take care of your yacht, our yacht managers have years of experience.


And if by unforeseen circumstance an issue arises onboard, we provide instant assistance and immediate service. That's yacht monitoring & maintenance by Marinminds.

How it works

Boat app status
Boat app chat

1.  We continuously monitor your yacht

Making sure all systems operate correctly. When maintenance is required we'll notify you or your service manager.

2. You check & approve

Easily check yacht health and make informed decisions on which maintenance to approve, set budget cap to stay in control.

3.  Enjoy quality service

We coordinate the needed maintenance with the service supplier(s). Track progress through the app and enjoy a yacht in topcondition.

These systems we monitor proactive:

- Engine (s)

- Generator(s)

- Batteries

- HVAC system

- Tank levels

- Wifi / Connection

- Displays

- Digital switching



Your yacht always ready for departure

Prevent breakdowns and unexpected costly repairs.

Easily manage maintenance back home, before departure with the mobile application.

Make informed decisions with expert advice on necessary maintenance.

Feel secure when away, we constantly keep an eye on your investment.

"Top quality personalized service"

David Seal

Yacht Broker

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