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Yacht service Cannes

Carefree enjoyment of your yacht

Your yacht is docked at Cannes for the maximum enjoyment. You want to weigh the anchor and sail away at any time. Technical problems, yacht repairs and unexpected breakdowns do not fit within that scenario. You want to sail without worries and not have to deal with hassle around yacht maintenance.

Marinminds ensures carefree yachting every moment you sail through the deep blue waters of the bay of Cannes. With our connected yacht service in Cannes and the surrounding French Riviera, you consistently enjoy a yacht in top condition, ready for another day on the water. All possible issues are immediately identified and resolved.

Our yacht service consists of 24/7 monitoring and remote troubleshooting, instant assistance in case of sudden unforeseen circumstances and advise on repair in Cannes.

Enjoy the bay of Cannes without any worries, with the Cannes yacht service from Marinminds.

Your yacht always ready for departure

With our Cannes yacht service, your yacht is always ready for departure. Thanks to our remote yacht service, you are assured on immediate detection of any deviation or abnormality related to systems on board your yacht and taken action where necessary.


We resolve the majority of issues remotely, before you experience any problems.

If yacht repair is needed, we advise on the next steps and share essential information with preferred yacht service suppliers.


Don’t worry about unexpected breakdowns or overdue maintenance, we take care of all the hassle and ensure your yacht remains in top condition.

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24/7 monitoring for your yacht

To ensure trouble-free yachting, the current standard in yacht maintenance is to service a yacht annually. During this service, preventive maintenance is executed: weak points are checked and parts are replaced preventively.


Hopefully you will sail the entire season without any problems.

Marinminds takes a different approach. With our Cannes yacht service (and for example also in Monaco & Mallorca) we are launching a revolutionary, new way of yacht management.


Instead of annual check-ups, our maritime service monitors your yacht 24/7 remotely.

This is how Marinminds' Cannes yacht service works

Cannes yacht service  is a subscription based service so that your yacht is always ready for departure. Any problem you might encounter related to your yacht, we take care of it.

All you have to do is navigate and don't forget your sunglasses.

Marinminds assists you in all conceivable situations. Below are a few examples.

Unexpected technical issues

No more unexpected technical issues during sailing. All systems on board your yacht are remotely monitored and anomalies detected. Technical issues are automatically isolated by our smart software, making immediate response possible.


Many problems relating to internet connection or incorrectly configured equipment can be solved remotely. At all times you can check the status of your yacht in real-time using the app on your smartphone.

Turnkey boat solution in Cannes

When, in the early morning you step on board your yacht, you want to be sure of sailing without hassle and a carefree day on the water. You can ensure yourself of that, with the Cannes yacht service from Marinminds.

With the support of Marinminds you can always count on excellent maritime services including the following benefits

  • Carefree yachting with 24/7 monitoring;

  • Issues detected before they become a problem;

  • Instant worldwide assistance anytime and anywhere through remote support;

  • Step by step explanation on how to solve issues.

  • Fend off unnecessary expensive service visits by local suppliers, only to diagnose the issue.

  • Receive essential real-time information on your yachts health, for a yacht in top condition.

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