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About us

Marinminds is a yacht monitoring and maintenance company located in the heart of the Frisian yachting industry, Workum - the Netherlands. Since 2017, we organise yacht maintenance. Early on we noticed that the conventional way of providing maintenance could be improved and started developing beneficial tools for both the yacht owner and service suppliers.


Today, with our monitoring service we stay ahead of problems and ensure the yacht is always ready for departure. We found that instead of waiting for an issue, preventing problems and providing pro-active service, makes for a far better and enjoyable yacht ownership experience. Being independent of service suppliers or location means we can arrange for the fastest possible solution, anywhere and anytime. We believe in providing expert insight, genuine advice and good communication. Feel convident knowing that your yacht is watched over and maintained to the highest standard by the quality service of Marinminds.

Our team


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Koenraad de Haas

Yacht Manager

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Matthijs de Haas

Yacht Manager

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Patrick Norden


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Fabian Tollenaar

Lead Developer

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