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Yacht service Monaco

Your personal yacht manager

You own a yacht for the purpose of pure enjoyment. You don’t want to deal with technical issues, error messages or maintenance.

If Monaco is the homeport for your yacht, Marinminds' yacht service is there for you. We make it easy: you sail, we keep your yacht in topcondition.

We monitor 24/7 all systems on board your yacht and take immediate action in case we detect any issue. Many of those issues we solve remotely, even without you having to do anything. You can check the status of your yacht through our app, in real-time and wherever you are.

By making use of our yacht service in Monaco you never have to think beyond 'today I weigh anchor'. You outsource all technical matters; maintenance tasks; troubleshooting and monitoring to the yacht service by Marinminds.


The best yacht service for your yacht

The yacht service Monaco from Marinminds is an annual subscription, once we have the system installed you no longer have to worry about your yacht. All you have to do is enjoy sailing, we take care of all the hassle related to yacht maintenance.

Like us, you also have 24/7 real-time insight into the status of your yacht. In the app you can retrieve all data from your yacht. We monitor that data continuously and only notify you if necessary. Other than that, we won't bother you. You can view all technical data if you find it interesting, but you can also leave it entirely to your boat service.

This is how our Monaco yacht service works: we remotely monitor your yacht 24/7. We keep a complete yacht history record. We know how your yacht functions under normal conditions, which  means that we immediately notice any and even minor issues.

Yacht service Monaco:
this is what you get

With conventional yacht maintenance your yacht is serviced once a year and mainly preventive maintenance is carried out. For example, weak points are visually checked and consumables replaced. Once the maintenance check-up is done, the service engineer will go ahead to another service visit: if all is well, your yacht should sail without any problems for the entire upcoming season.

At Marinminds, we take a more proactive approach to maintaining your yacht. We do not rely on periodic yacht check-ups, but continuously monitor all systems on board your yacht. With our yacht service Monaco we keep your yacht continuously on our maintenance radar. Especially when you are underway, we check in real time the performance of all systems on board your yacht.

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Solve issue remotely

Often with our service we can solve the problem remotely. For example, we reset a system that gives an error message or adjust settings. We will inform you if necessary, but we will not bother you with minor technical difficulties.

Why choose yacht service by Marinminds

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Choosing Marinminds' Monaco yacht service brings you:

  • Carefree sailing: Technical issues are prevented or solved before they become a problem. If the issue cannot be solved remotely, we will assist you with advice on next steps and best practices

  • Instant assistance worldwide: If in the unlikely situation an unexpected problem arises, we provide instant assistance. Our experts analyse the root cause of the issue and provide you with advice on the next step to take in order to solve the problem.

  • No unpleasant surprises: At the time you schedule for a daytrip or weekend on the water, check if your yacht is ready for departure using our app. No more unpleasant surprises.

  • No more unnecessary expensive service on location: We solve many issues remotely, saving on time and cost getting a service engineer location.

  • Service engineers in Monaco come well prepared: With the problem already diagnosed a service engineer will come well prepared in case repair is needed. This ensures a swift repair and cost saving.

Always instant assistance at your fingertips.

Complete real-time digital yacht monitoring, with critical insights available for you as an owner and your preferred service supplier : that's what Marinminds makes possible. From wherever you are, you can check the real-time status, technical data and full history service records of your yacht through the app.


Beneficial to root cause analysis our engineers can track down the moment a technical issue occurred, which is essential for a quick solution.

If you need assistance due to a technical problem, we provide advice on next steps and best practices through our app. Only if the issue cannot be solved remotely, a service engineer from Monaco based service suplier needs to come on board.


With our service, he/she will be well equipped with critical real time information. Our boat service also schedules and tracks planned maintenance for your yacht, making sure your yacht is maintained according to rules and regulations.

We also provide the best yacht service in Mallorca and Cannes.

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