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Keep your yacht
in topcondition
without effort

A connected yacht monitoring- and maintenance platform. 

Ahead of problems

We prevent breakdowns and unexpected costly repairs. By monitoring your yacht, any issues are detected in an early stage.

Always ready for departure

Easily check yacht health and manage maintenance at home before departure with the mobile application.


Make informed decisions with expert advice. Simply plan, set budget and track progress

to stay in control. 

Our service

Are the batteries being charged? Do filters need to be replaced? My generator overheats, what do I do? Marinminds makes owning a yacht easy. With our connected service all systems on board your yacht are continuously monitored, issues are detected in an early stage and solved without hassle.

Easily check realtime yacht health before departure, make informed decision on maintenance to be carried-out and stay updated on its progress through the app.

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Boat app status
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How it works

1. We continuously monitor your yacht

Making sure all systems operate correctly. When maintenance is required we'll notify you or your service manager.

2. You check & approve

Easily check yacht health and make informed decisions on which maintenance to approve, set budget cap to stay in control.

3.  Enjoy quality service

We coordinate the needed maintenance with the service supplier. Track progress through the app and enjoy a yacht in topcondition.


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Choose Marinminds for Business

A comprehensive yacht monitoring and maintenance platform for yacht service suppliers, dealers and brands.

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About Marinminds

At Marinminds we believe in unburdened ownership, a proactive approach towards yacht service instead of the hassle around managing maintenance by the owner himself. Most likely your yacht suffers from unattended maintenance and lingering issues. It is a hassle for you as an owner to commence and track progress of all needed service jobs.​ With Marinminds maintenance is carried-out on time and issues on board your yacht are solved quickly, get tailored assistance and enjoy a personalized experience.