Connected Yacht
Management Service

for maximum enjoyment of your yacht

24/7 Monitoring

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The performance of your yacht is continously monitored worldwide.

Remote diagnostics

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Technical issues are detected and solved before they become a problem.

Instant assistance

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Our experts coordinate the solution,

just sit back & relax

Our service

How innovation meets unburdened ownership

Digital Yacht Crew™ consists of a connected on-board hub, a smartphone app and personal yacht manager at your service. With these tools we monitor, diagnose and coordinate the work involved around your yacht.

Be it making an emergency repair, help you reset the generator or advise on your next trip: you have the required experts at your disposal.

We use the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to predict maintenance, remotely solve issues, offer online assistance through connectivity and on-site coordination: with dedication and a personal, pro-active approach.

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Unburdened ownership Yacht service Marinminds
Marinminds Yacht service Always ready for departure


Always ready for departure

At Marinminds we believe in unburdened ownership,a proactive approach towards yacht service instead of the hassle around technical issues and time consuming supplier management by the owner himself.

This vision requires more than just hiring a captain or contracting a yacht service supplier. Connectivity and AI are ready to serve  and empower a truly personal yachting experience.