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 Digital Yacht Crew

You live the dream,

we take care of all the boring stuff.

Replace hassle by instant comfort and control​

Owning a luxury yacht can provide ultimate relaxation, freedom and wonderful ocean times.

But many times ownership becomes a burden, because of all the hassle and frustration that comes with it.


Time is wasted on making necessary arrangements i.e. plan for maintenance and repairs, reserve a berth at the marina.

We are frustrated about bad service, lousy repairs and alarms that continue to go off. Stressed-out on handling the yacht by ourselves and confused about local rules and regulations. Tired from creating our own itineraries and figuring out the on board electronics.

One of the solutions is to hire a crew, however they come at great expense.

Prepare to give up privacy, to lose precious on-board space and again waste time on hiring competent personnel.

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.


With the bespoken service of Your Digital Yacht Crew owning a yacht becomes effortless.

Avoid the hassle of making the necessary arrangements. Feel relieved knowing excellent service and personal assistance is available by the push of a buttonAccess tailored information on operating your yacht and receive the most beautiful yachting itineraries. The best feature; you are in control.




No more hassle, just pure enjoyment.

Experience the most advanced technology, exclusive service and professional high-end crew on the water.


Peace of mind before departure, informed when required about the status of your yacht by any connected device.



Navigate and explore with ease and confidence. You are assisted by the most advanced technology on board.


Exclusive service

On-the-spot access to your remote professional high-end crew. Like your yacht, perfectly tailored to your needs.


Digital Yacht Crew consists of a smartphone app, connected devices on-board your yacht and remote assistance services.

Speak or chat instantly to your online captain, navigator or engineer.

Your Digital Yacht Crew

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