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Maritime Innovation as a Service

Co-creation and Co-innovation services for the maritime industry. 

Through collaboration we create new concepts, products and services.

Focus on Results

Don’t innovate for innovation’s sake. We focus on results: on innovations supporting your company strategy, the real need for change be it increasing revenue, sustainability, efficiency or gaining an unfair advantage.

Cross-disciplinary Experts

From yachting to offshore and inland shipping: we understand the maritime industry firsthand, however the real key to our success is our international network of maritime, automotive, marketing, financial and IT companies and universities working together.

Proven Methods

We combine startup methods with traditional business practices. For each individual case we find and implement the right method. That's how we make sure the innovation process fits into your existing business practices and day-to-day work.

Effective Innovation in 3-steps


Find your

One Reason to Innovate




Manage the process
 Measure, Learn and Iterate

Innovation is getting more expensive

We believe the process of innovation is manageable and return of investment is predictable. Developing new technologies and business models is inevitable for maritime companies to survive with current trends as digitization, autonomous shipping and connectivity at their breakthrough.


We help you effectively invest in innovation through co-innovation

with the right team, the perfect partners, proven methodologies and hands-on mentality.

The result: new maritime products and services with positive return of investment: guaranteed!

Strategy Sprint Workshop

In our half day Strategy Sprint Workshop we find your "One Reason to Innovate"™ by digging into your ecosystem: we base the scope of innovation on the threats and chances with most impact on your future business.

Co-Innovation Program

Join one of our co-innovation programs. We carefully design, create and manage programs that reflect the maritime business needs. We connect partners with matching goals and link them to launching customers.