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Yacht service Mallorca

Always the best yacht management

Mallorca: your home base this summer. And the departure point for your trips with your yacht. Your yacht that you want to be able to use every moment of the day without any worries.

Carefree use of your yacht starts with proper maintenance. And proper maintenance starts with a quality yacht service. Marinminds offers you the yacht service in Mallorca you are looking for. Our yacht management is not based on preventive maintenance once a year, but on continuous remote monitoring. If you need us, Marinminds' maritime service is always available.


Check real-time the status of your yacht and receive essential information on maintenance and needed repairs.

With the yacht service in Mallorca from Marinminds you keep your yacht healthy without hassle.


Always the best boat service at your fingertips

You sail, we take care of the rest. That’s in a nutshell how Marinminds' maritime service works.

You don't have to worry about your yacht. We continuously monitor all systems on board. If we detect an issue, we immediately investigate. We can often intervene remotely so that you can sail carefree, without having to worry about technical matters. That is why you make use of yacht service: to enjoy your yacht carefree both in Mallorca and anywhere in the world. We take care of all the maintenance that comes with a yacht.

If we need your assistance for a minor yacht repair, you will receive a notification in the app. In the same app you will have 24/7 access to all real-time data concerning your yacht.

We offer yacht service in Mallorca and surrounding area, if your yacht needs repair or maintenance you can directly share essential information with yacht service suppliers located in Mallorca. We provide advice on most frequent root cause and best practices to solve the problem. Marinminds ensures that your yacht is well taken care off and ready to sail again quickly.

Avoid costly service visits

Nothing more frustrating than on a beautiful summer day to find out in the morning that you can't leave the port of Mallorca due to a technical problem with your yacht. Our yacht service in Mallorca prevents having to cancel a day of sailing : both you and we check your yacht remotely in advance.

You can check your yacht remotely through our app, in which you will always find real-time information about your yacht. Anomalies from systems on board your yacht are immediately detected by our engineers thanks to 24/7 yacht monitoring.

We are often able to solve problems remotely: for example, incorrectly setup of equipment or connection problems can often be solved remotely. Any anomalies are thus correected before they cause a real problem. Therefor only on a few occasions a technician is needed on location, which saves time, money and hassle.

If a yacht repair is required, Marinminds will provide the necessary step by step instructions and advice. With root cause analysis and knowledge on best practices we ensure that you can enjoy the open sea in a repaired, reliable yacht in a short period of time.

We also provide the best yacht service in Monaco and Cannes.

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Choose comfort instead of the hassle

Issues are fixed before they become a problem
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