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How the Marinminds Monitoring Platform works

Marinminds makes owning a yacht easy, with our connected service all systems on board your yacht are continuously monitored, issues are detected in an early stage and solved without hassle. Easily check real-time yacht health before departure, make informed decision on maintenance to be carried-out and stay updated on its progress through the app.

The platform is made up out of several elements, together they make remote monitoring and yacht maintenance possible. A unique combination of hardware, software, and services.

How it works

1.  Order & Install the Onboard Hub


All important systems on board are connected through our Hub, which is installed within hours.

2. Login and monitor your fleet

Easily check yacht health and make informed decisions on which maintenance is required. Select and analyse data in graphs to diagnose issues.

3.  Deliver efficient yachtservice worldwide

Coordinate the required work with your service suppliers. Optionally make use of Marinminds technical expertise and supplier network.

These systems are monitored proactively

- Engine (s)

- Generator(s)

- Batteries

- HVAC system

- Tank levels

- Wifi / Connection

- Displays

- Digital switching



Prevent breakdowns and unexpected costly repairs.

Easily manage maintenance back home, before departure with the mobile application.

Make informed decisions with expert advice on necessary maintenance.

Feel secure when away, we constantly keep an eye on your investment.

"Top quality personalized service"

David Seal

Yacht Broker

Onboard Hub

Onboard Hub

Essential for collecting data from ships systems and transfer to the cloud, the Marinminds Onboard Hub.


A datalogger running on 10-30V and connected with a.o. NMEA-, CAN- and ethernet networks.


Uses existing WAN connection and subscriptions, unlimited data bundle is required. 

We connect with


Online platform

Monitoring- and alarm system;  with the use of software algorithms on board systems are continuously monitored.

Management of technical documentation;  all technical documentation digitally in one place and easy to find, for efficient yacht maintenance and quick solutions. 

Maintenance schedule; all maintenance tasks scheduled within a set interval or according running hours, based on supplier recommendations and our expertise.

Issue management; all issues recorded, including root-cause analysis, proposed solutions and communication with supplier.

Communication module; All communications, chat and/or notes concerning yacht maintenance and issues collected and stored in one place. 

Online platform

Mobile App

Boat app status
Boat app chat

The connection between yacht, yachtowner and servicemanager


List of events providing you with insight into the status of the yacht, current issues, and progress on maintenance.

Chat or call for technical support or questions concerning your yacht. 

Mobile App

Our services

Gain access to these optional services Marinminds has to offer:

  • Composing and digitization of technical documentations; to easily solve issues and remotely manage maintenance we create 3D images and videos of technical areas; part lists including serial numbers, supplier information and location; collect manuals of systems on board, technical scheme’s, and instructions for use, maintenance and resolving issues.

  • Tailored maintenance schedule; based on manuals and our own expertise we draw-up a tailored maintenance schedule.

  • Monitoring & Reporting: No need to keep watch over your yacht, that’s our job. A personal yacht manager, assisted by AI solutions, continuously monitors all systems on board. Any anomalies, issues and/or abnormal use are reported.

  • Recommended maintenance; we use data collected to predict needed maintenance and provide a monthly maintenance proposal. All maintenance activities are automatically logged and yacht maintenance history kept up-to-date.

  • Network of suppliers; gain access to our worldwide service network, which include shipyards, dealers and technical service providers on location.  

  • Helpline; contact your personal yacht manager, available daily from 08:00 to 22:00 or send direct message through the app.

  • Diagnose and proposal; we identify root-cause of technical issues and provide the solution, our proposals include planning, needed hours and quotations of suppliers.

  • Service management; after approval we initiate and manage service, maintenance or repair activities. Easily track the progress through the app, when additional time is required you will be notified up front. Any additional hours are billed monthly with an hourly rate.

Our services

Our customers own:

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