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How AI is revolutionizing the Yachting Experience

Artificial Intelligence is introduced into the world of Yachting...and turning it upside down! With the ability to collect data, analyze it, apply it and then learn from it, AI is transforming the yachting experience. According Wiki, Artificial Intelligence refers to the idea of training machines to think like humans and in the case of yachting: the yacht is trained to think like it's crew-members.

Better user experience

The most important aspect of yachting is a comfortable, stress-free experience on-board. When the on-boards systems know them self how to behave, there is no need for the guests to worry about temperature, lighting, media or closing sunroofs, hatches and doors. Artificial Intelligence can help in its ability to collect data and decide the most appropriate action to take, consequently which component to switch based on things like location, historical data and past behavior. When doing so, it gives the user peace of mind and therefore increases their sense of luxury. Even before arrival at the yacht, AI can already be a of great benefit for guests planning their weekend trip: automated messages are sent by the yacht saying the fridge is stocked, the wine chilled, room temperature just how they like it and the yacht is in the agreed mooring ready to set sail for the family weekend trip. With new advancements in AI, access to the yacht can be granted using Apple's FaceID through the yacht's phone app. Once onboard, a personalised scene of lighting and music is composed based on past preferences. This means less searching and tweaking electronics and more time to enjoy all on-board features.

"As if you had a dozen crew-members aboard!"

Real-time support

One of the biggest things yacht owners look for in a good after-sales experience or a yacht charter is quick resolutions and response. With the introduction of AI chatbots, an automated tool that gives the impression of talking to an actual customer service person in real time, AI can deliver that experience in real time. Not a surprise that according Business Insider Chatbots are on the rise. Even though chatbots can't answer all customer questions they are able to answer basic questions and help solve simple issues. They can reduce call wait time for customers having issues, chatbots are able to direct the customer immediately to the right service person, increasing customer satisfaction overall.

Safety & Security

While the on-board AI is constantly interpreting data to get smarter, the algorithms get better through time in delivering the information right when it is needed. This is especially helpful in situations when time is of importance and safety threats occur: location-based rules & regulations are shown on the screen and the skipper is warned for dangerous situations. Automated Man-Over-Board sequences are proposed, based on video-recognition of bodies in the water.

The (infrared) surveillance cameras, together with motion-sensors sense and learn from the past detecting uncommon events when nobody is on board, or optionally warning passengers at night when suspecting intruders.

Future Features

Artificial Intelligence continues to improve and with over-the-air updates being developed, it will not be uncommon for the yacht owner to wake up in the morning and discover some nice new features. Like the automotive industry: ADAS-functionalities are developed (or should we say ACAS: Advanced Captain Assistance System?): Automooring, Collision Warning and Lane keeping being the first to be production ready.

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