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Yachtservice with Bitcoin

Marinminds now accepts Bitcoin for it's worldwide yachtservice.

After real estate, cars and yachts now being purchased and sold with Bitcoin, as an industry first mover, customers of Marinminds are able to choose to pay with digital currencies.

"Our yachtservice includes remote monitoring of yachts, instant online assistance and our team of developers and yachtmanagers work decentralised, it's only logical our payment processes work the same" says Marinminds co-owner Koenraad de Haas: "we are available to all potential clients independent from location or marketplace so if a customer wants to pay with cryptocurrency, we do encourage to handle such transactions"

As blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies mature and become more widely accepted around the world, people who invest, do business and use them are becoming more commonplace. Now yachtowners who want to use their cryptocurrency assets as payment on goods and services are able to do so.

One of the biggest advantages of cryptocurrency is it sees no borders. Bitcoin is very accessible and a versatile currency since it only takes a few minutes to transfer bitcoins from one user to another and can easily be sold at any moment. This makes spending money in another country and exchanging for other currencies easier.

You can use cryptos to pay or get paid without the involvement of any other party (such as banks). As a result little to no fees are applied to transactions.


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