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The most important element of efficient yacht charter

When you are chartering your yacht to customers you are making a return on your investment.

To improve profit you are keen on a.keeping running costs down and b. minimise downtime.

You are trying to understand why running and maintenance costs are so high. Additionally you don't understand delays in maintenance work or even have lost bookings because of issues aboard.

Captains will say they operate the yacht with care, manoeuvring and docking the yacht most carefully.

They are keeping the yacht clean, following all instructions and daily checklists carefully.

However these elements are important to keep running costs down, the most important part of efficient yacht charter is:

Yacht health.

And without accurately tracking the state of health of your yacht, you can't maximise profitability.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

"You can’t improve what you can’t measure"

If we look at successful yacht charter projects, it appears that there are three essential activities that count for a yacht in top-condition:

  1. Be aware of your asset: log onboard data, track work and monitor costs

  2. Conduct maintenance when it’s required

  3. Track and discuss safety and “driver” behaviour

  • With onboard fuel consumption data yachtowners have been able to detect faulty engines.

  • By keeping track of the ongoing and past jobs, technicians have noticed repetitive component failures.

  • By monitoring costs owners have negotiated better prices with suppliers.

  • Yacht engineers have prevented issues by predicting failure and simply replacing components in advance.

  • A battery explosion was prevented by early detection of elevated battery temperatures.

  • By monitoring fuel consumption captains were instructed on efficient routes and manoeuvres.

All accommodated by the Marinminds online yacht monitoring platform.

You are missing out on opportunities to improve efficiency by only depending on personal perspectives of captains, technicians or suppliers. Without understanding the situation and the data to back it up, you can't optimise.

You CAN optimise efficiency with a dedicated yacht monitoring platform.

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