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The problem with problems aboard (and the solution)

How a yacht monitoring system helps manage yachtservice efficiently.

A practical use case from the life of a Yachtmanager.

As a Yachtservice Manager you are organising international suppliers, parts and technicians to get the yachtservice jobs done and solve issues quickly and efficiently.

In this process it's most frustrating when you have to wait for a third party supplier to get information and a diagnosis of the issue. And once you receive feedback from "the guy" aboard, you're not even entirely sure if you could thrust the diagnosis. Delaying the proces, frustrating the yacht-owner.

At the factory you discuss the issue with your fellow yachtbuilding colleagues, gathering technical info: specifications, schematics, drawings...

you try to get a grasp of the story and an idea of the root cause of the problem.

When actually you lack information; you're searching in the dark.

"you lack information; you're searching in the dark"

What you want is to know exactly what happened prior to the break down, see how the broken onboard machinery responds to investigations and see the alarm messages popping up: you want to have all information at hand.

Yachtmanagers and technicians are solving issues 35% faster with all specs, drawings, schematics, manuals and service history up-to-date and available in one place.

On average, users of the Marinminds Monitoring Platform are saving 1 onboard-visit each job. With the online historical data graphs they are able to instruct suppliers abroad accurately before and during the first visit. Suppliers have the right spare parts with them on their first visit.

The yachtowner experiences a frustrating proces of problem solving aboard when multiple technicians come and go, waiting for info on how to proceed; he doesn't understand why this has to take so long. Actually he expected the same service as the Porsche dealer.

Fortunately you are now able to have all technical info at hand, see service history and examine data for diagnosis. All in one, online platform.

These are the Specific Benefits for Yachtmanagers using the Marinminds Yacht Monitoring Platform:

  • EFFICIENTLY MANAGE maintenance of your entire fleet. Always an up-to-date overview of upcoming, performed and maintenance tasks due.

  • SAVE COSTS on travel- and accommodation expenses providing remote troubleshooting and support.

  • SAVE TIME on gathering the latest information receiving realtime data and all technical info at hand.

  • Provide a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE with a high degree of support to your customers, a connected maintenance service and a branded mobile application.

Return of Investment for this use case

Let's say a new build yacht is sold and shipped to the Mediterranean where 4 minor issues and 1 difficult to solve issue arise during the season. Typically 3 visits are made by an external yachtservice supplier before the issue is resolved. Without the Yacht Monitoring Platform installed, one difficult issue can't be resolved by an external supplier and a technician of the yard has to be flown in.

Cost Savings

Save one visit per minor issue:

5 issues x costs per visit (3hrs x 80/hr + travel costs á €150,-) = 5 x €390,- = €1950,-

Saved time searching for info:

5 issues x 1,5 hr per issue

Save one travel of yard's technician:

Flight (€800,-) + (travelling hours 12hrs x 80/hr = €940,-)

+ Hotel (€250,-) + Rental car (€250,-) = €2260,-

Total savings: €4210,-


The investment for outfitting a new build yacht with the Marinminds Onboard Hub

is €2300-. You've paid 6 months of subscription fees: 6 x €89,- = €534,-

Total investment:€2834,-

ROI for this case

With the Yacht Monitoring System installed your Return of Investment within the first 6 months is:

ROI = [€4210,- / €2834,-] x 100% = 149%

What's next:


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