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The yachting experience enhanced by technology

As skype-meetings, zoom-webinars and trainings are expanding rapidly right now, everyone is getting used to connecting online with each other. How much as everybody likes face-to-face meetings, we all see the benefits of meeting, ordering and get help online: less traveling, more efficient and faster response are the most heard advantages.

At Marinminds we have spend hours of developing digital products and researching how to make the real world better with today's technology. Buttons, boxes and whistles are something from the past: today's technology is all about an intuitive user experience.

Technology needs to work for the user, right from the start without a manual. Read below how Marinminds ensures their technology delivers instant help for luxury yacht owners.

Unburdened Service

A better experience starts with delivering a better service to yacht owners. The digital age is disrupting traditional customer service models: customers demand interaction with companies using various channels: websites, mobile apps, social networks, e-mail, connected devices and most importantly: face to face meetings.

These customer touchpoints are appearing against a backdrop of rising expectations. In this digital and google age we are used to get help instantly, instantly order and buy whatever we need, in whatever color we can image and have it delivered in just 3 clicks.

These rising expectations made Marinminds rethink the complete customer experience of yachting: for yacht owners, having one contact for all their yachting requirements is a huge relief. No more stress, work and thinking of all the jobs to be done, but instead having one omni-channel touchpoint for all questions, doubts and services. That is what Marinminds’ Digital Yacht Crew offers.

The Power of Connectivity

As the sophistication of both hardware and software in the consumer electronics industry skyrockets, an increasing share of the electronic devices produced around the world are manufactured with internet connectivity. By the end of 2018, there were an estimated 22 billion internet of things (IoT) connected devices in use around the world.

The one reason for the rise of connected devices is Convenience. Convenience is nowadays at our fingertips and Convenience becomes more and more accessible as technology improves.

A connected yacht gives the yacht owner the convenience of having a direct and instant helpline to a virtual captain, navigator or engineer. Connected yachts enable remote support to the owner with navigation, maintenance and planning trips and itineraries. Marinminds’ Digital Yacht Crew is at your disposal around the clock.

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