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Yacht clean services

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Our recommended products:

Painted surfaces - Awlcare

Awlgrip is not only a well known and often used paint and topcoat brand on luxury yachts. It also supplies cleaning products to be used on board yachts.

For protection of the topcoat, we recommend Awlcare polymer sealer. One of the most used products on board yachts to clean and protect above water painted surfaces.

Awlcare is ideal for protecting top coat from acid rain, environmental pollutants and abrasion. Removes mild stains such as water spots and diesel shoots and it has superior durability and resistance characteristics. Contains no abrasives and will not scratch the paint.

Before applying Awlcare first wash, rinse and dry the surface. Shake the bottle or jerrycan and manually apply with a cotton cloth. Always perform a test on non critical area, prior to full scale use. From here on out wash the surface ones a week, after a couple of cleaning cycles, re-apply Awlcare for renewed protection.

Stainless steel - Starclean

Starclean is a powerful cleaner perfect for the use on stainless steel, it leaves a high gloss finish without buffing. Starclean can also be used on copper, brass, chrome, aluminium and is very effective on enamel, ceramics, and fiberglass.

It’s the best product for stainless steel and is applied in only one step. So less work time, more play time.

Apply Starclean with a wet sponge, wash the item and dry with a rag.Done!

Other good products to use are Flitz stainless steel & chrome cleaner and Autosol metal polish. The most used stainless steel product on yachts.

Teak - Eco 300 teak cleaner

You will be surprised, a majority of the existing teak decks that are worn out is not through neglect, but because of improper maintenance. Their owner cleaned them too often and too thoroughly with acid cleaner products. It's not only disastrous for your skin, but also attacks the surrounding paint. Therefor we recommend to use an acid-free cleaner.

Eco super teak cleaner is 100% biodegradable and environmental friendly teak cleaner. It represents the most advanced teak cleaner in the marine industry today and preserve teak to its natural look. One step application, the product is pre-mixed and ready to use.

Just remember to scrub across the grain with a soft scrubbing pad or soft bristle brush. Scrubbing with the grain tears the soft grain out of the planks, leaving the surface rough.

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