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Providing realtime
insight in yacht maintenance

A connected yacht monitoring- and maintenance platform, designed for yacht service providers, dealers and brands.

Realtime insight

Know which maintenance is due for your entire fleet, without ever stepping on board. From engine, generator(s), HVAC systems to receiveing alerts & alarms, its all connected.

Automate maintenance

Forget endless phonecalls with owners, OEM'ers and local service suppliers for information. Easily check the automatically generated event-list and provide pro-active service. 

Free to use

Ones you connect your first yacht, our maintenance platform is free to use. We take care of the initial setup, ensuring all systems are connected.

Yacht monitoring platform

Gain Insight

By connecting a yacht to our platform you gain acces to realtime information of all systems onboard, providing you with direct insight into the current status of maintenance. No need for you to step onboard. Remotely diagnose root-cause of issues and provide instant solutions. You are in control and independent of local service suppliers.


Enjoy Automation

Event lists are generated automatically, containing not only repetative maintenance tasks based on realtime running hours, but also upcoming issues by monitoring all systems on board. No need for tedious input sessions to get the desired output, like so many other PMS applications. Simply group tasks into jobs, quickly make a reliable quote and easily  communicate the needed work with a colleague or local service supplier and provide pro-active service.


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Free to use

Ones you connect your first yacht, our monitoring and maintenance platform is free to use. Leave your mail address and receive more information. 

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