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5 reasons why you need a connected mobile app to your yacht-- and the one reason why not

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

“Have you tried our mobile app?” A familiar question popping up regularly in this age of digitalization. But do we really want another app on the home screen for controlling and communication with our yacht?

The case for using connected mobile apps is strong, but like anything, there are good and bad ways to go about it.

Here are five great reasons why you should get that connected mobile app for your yacht:

1. A connected yacht app gives peace of mind

Before your weekend trip or holiday on board begins you want to make sure your yacht is ready to go. Even if you have your yacht managed by a service supplier: you want to know if “all systems are go” and even if the yacht is in it’s agreed location and the fridge is stocked.

A connected yacht app gives you a green status when all systems aboard are working optimal. Your yacht service supplier is in the loop as well: he notifies you through the app once all agreed work is done.

2. More convenience on and off board

A connected yacht app integrates on-board interfaces with your smartphone, and other technologies to keep you aware and in control of everything going on, on and around your yacht. It is the bridge between you and your yacht, also remotely.

Your mobile connected yacht app lets you prepare for any trip using features like the Remote Climate Control. You can cool down or heat the cabins, so as soon as you step inside, you’re completely comfortable.

Did I lock all doors? Lock or unlock the doors at the tap of a button from afar.

Remote View: Check on your yacht no matter how far away it is. Using Remote Surround View, you can take a surround view snapshot of the imagery around your vehicle right from your mobile.

3. Have a lifeline in your pocket

Want to know the best route to your destination? Unsure if it’s safe to anchor here or need to order a berthing in the marine? Connect to a specialist by chat or speech who will inform you and can even transfer and plot the route on your yachts onboard screen.

4. Make it personal

Everyone has it’s own preferences when it comes to the use of dedicated mobile apps: search google for a restaurant, use Maps to find a location or a r

A connected yacht app is able to shares information with other apps on your mobile: send a location from Maps to the Yacht app or share a video from your onboard camera’s with friends: it’s a

5. Entertainment

With so many choices in video and music providers, your mobile is the gateway to entertainment onboard: Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix or Google Play to name a few, we are used to watch and listen everywhere. So why not on the big screen aboard?

Connect with Apple TV, Aircast or Chromecast and your mobile acts as the remote control for all entertainment onboard just like you are used to at home or in your car.

The one reason why you shouldn’t use an app:

Don’t be distracted

The majority of yacht owners come aboard to get some time off from all the hassle of daily life. Having your mobile phone in your pocket might pull you into the messages send by your colleagues or calls from other contacts.

Off course one remedy is to shutdown those notifications (which in general is a good idea) but always keep in mind that your mobile isn’t the only way to interact with your yacht. Having your mobile connected but stowed away, and using the onboard screens to interact with the yacht gives the benefits of the connected services without being distracted.

Enjoy Yachting!

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