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Remote Support at-a-glance

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

What is Digital Yacht Crew™

  • Digital Yacht Crew™ created by Marinminds is the first real remote support service for the yachting industry.

  • It allows Marinminds expert technicians remotely monitor ship systems, detect technical issues and provide instant assistance anywhere in the world. To solve problems within minutes and hours as compared to days.

  • Leveraging the ‘connected hub’ installed on board, Marinminds technicians receive real-time data from the yacht, with the aid of smart AI software we are able to detect anomalies (potential issues) in an early stage and prevent them from becoming a problem. Thereby keeping your yacht healthy and always ready for departure.

Why is Digital Yacht Crew™ Important?

  • This is a massive paradigm shift in technology and service support for the whole yachting industry.

  • Luxury yachts have become increasingly advanced over the past decade and are powered by millions lines of code.

  • Typical of luxury yachts is that they are one-off or produced in small numbers, no extensive testing is done as in the automotive industry, therefore time will reveal unforeseen issues.

  • Today, due to COVID-19, service tasks on yachts must continue at times that social distancing and travel restrictions make it hard to get service engineers on board.

  • Digital Yacht Crew™ assists yacht builders and local service suppliers with remote diagnostics and at the same time eliminating travel and onsite visits.

What are the Benefits of Marinminds Digital Yacht Crew™?

  • Worldwide Service: Digital Yacht Crew continuously monitors all connected systems on board, performs remote in-depth diagnostics and solves the problem swiftly.

  • Aftersales Cost Reduction: Minimize the deployment of service technicians and/or service suppliers and save costs on travel and accommodation costs.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Yacht owners experience faster turnaround times for maintenance issues which leads to increased satisfaction.

How does Digital Yacht Crew™ work?

  • The Marinminds ‘Connect Hub’ is installed on board, a datalogger connected to the cloud

  • Expert technicians continuously monitor the data remotely, aided by AI algorithms. If an issue occurs, Marinminds analysis the data, diagnose the cause and coordinate the solution.

  • The owner, yacht builder and service supplier are informed on the status of the yacht trough thesmartphone app. In case of questions a Personal Yacht Manager can be contacted directly.

  • That is how we keep yachts healthy and always ready for departure.

That is how we keep yachts healthy and always ready for departure.


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