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Digital Yachting Experience

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Owning a yacht is pure luxury. It provides freedom to go wherever you want, enjoying the sun, water and a cool breeze. Especially during these challenging times it’s possible to retire to your yacht, without the challenge to keep social distance.

However owning a yacht can also take a lot of your scarce time. Managing a luxury yacht is an increasingly elaborate business. Not only taking a yacht from winter storage to ready to sail entails a lot of work , but taking arrangements for mooring, maintenance and insurance call for some expert decision making.

Yacht management companies can assist in most of these tasks, they will ensure you your yacht is being maintained, administered and kept to the regulatory standards. But these services mainly focus on the superyacht range, with lengths starting from 100ft.

If you own a luxury yacht in the range of 40-100ft you probably end up with multiple management and service providers. Original manufacturers or local yacht service suppliers take care of maintenance and repair. Local yacht brokers assist in insurance and financial control and for yachting itineraries you depend on local travel agencies, which mostly entirely focus on one specific area.

All the service suppliers to your yacht need to be managed, initiated, organized, guided and inspected.

Many suppliers equals much effort!

For example, local service suppliers perform maintenance tasks during off season in respect to an annual budget. Systems are checked and parts replaced, but you have no idea on the necessities of all work executed. Contrarily, the works beside usual service must be clearly communicated and are often forgotten.

Ones your yacht is back in the water you want to enjoy the good times, instead you still discover some malfunctioning equipment and omitted repairs. You need to contact the yard and ask for technical support. If a service engineer and new components are needed, you have to schedule for repair. Then you need to check up on them, make sure all is arranged to your wishes. Owning a yacht becomes a hassle, instead of an unburdened adventure.

What if you can manage all the above professionally without any effort from your side. Having all the required information at your fingertips, instant assistance whenever and wherever needed, all through one channel.

Marinminds provides unrivaled control over your yacht. Always instant access to your remote personal captain, engineer or navigator. They keep you informed about the status of your yacht, suggest tailored itineraries and provide assistance on the spot.

The systems entails an high speed internet connection with global coverage, connected devices onboard (IoT), tailormade dashboard with bespoke user interface and a personal assistance reachable through speech or chat.

With a team of yacht experts truly at your fingertips, problems are solved within the twinkle of an eye and yacht crew becomes expendable. It becomes our responsibility to provide unrivaled control over your yacht, so you can relax with piece of mind.

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