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Want to know the secret to the most exclusive yachting experience?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

It’s one of the finer moments in life, waking up on your luxury yacht. Taking a refreshing dive, watching the sunrise from the aft deck and getting high on the smell of fresh coffee brewing. You are gently rocking to the motion of the waves and to your favorite music playing in the background

While enjoying this perfect morning you almost forget how much time you wasted on getting your yacht ready on time.

It entailed a lot of effort making the necessary arrangements. Getting your yacht to your holiday destination, making sure everything is cleaned and fixed, fuel- and water tanks filled up, batteries charged and hiring capable staff. And now, when you finally arrived at your secluded tropical spot, it feels a lot less isolated with the crew on board.

What you need them for? Steering to your next destination wouldn’t be the problem, back home you have done it many times yourself. But now you sail in unfamiliar waters, navigating is more difficult with the areas of shallow water and reefs? And you have seen the tight berth at the marina, docking here is an abomination.

There is an alternative.

Keep your shirt on, because it’s now possible to ditch your crew.

With the Digital Yacht Crew from Marinminds, you get all the benefits that come with a physical crew, but without the drawbacks.

Sailing is easy with clear visibility of the surroundings displayed on the dashboard screen and maneuvering in tight spots is effortless with the automatic docking technology installed.

Time wasted on preparation is something from the past, your Digital Yacht Crew will take care of everything. With your dedicated app installed on your smartphone, you will be able to monitor the status maintenance and all systems onboard. You can even watch real time footage of your yacht and its surrounding wherever you may be.

The future of yachting starts here.

For more information please check our website and leave your contact information. We will surprise you with our exclusive service.

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