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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

With an increase in legislation and improvements in alarms and monitoring capabilities, owners and yacht crew are faced with an ever growing list of alerts.

Alarm headache can be considered a new phenomena, undoing the serenity and undisturbed time onboard yachts. Alarms, beeps and buzzes are generated from a long list of systems, i.e. engines, HAVC, watertight doors and hatches, AVIT and security.

As a yacht owner with scarce amount of time to enjoy your yacht, having to deal with an alarm halfway through the trip is most inconvenient. Maybe the issue is significant or obvious and needs fixing right away, however many times the problem is merely a warning. A notice of the possibility that a fault can occur.

The possibilities onboard luxury yachts are endless, in general yachts are fitted with advanced, state of the art, highly complex systems. And like yachts, these systems are one-off, built exclusively for the specific yacht or come in small batches. The downside is they are usually not extensively tested. Failures and errors occur regularly in the first year a yacht sails, because of unexpected operation or badly engineered interfaces.

It really is annoying having to call the yard or service company every time such an event occurs. Ask them for assistance and having to hear that probably the earliest possibility to fix is somewhere at the end of next week. And that they expect the repair will take several days, because they first have to find the exact problem and then maybe need to wait for ordered parts.

At Marinminds we have a simple but extremely effective solution. You and your yacht are connected to your digital crew whenever, wherever. If you need assistance, just push the button and you will directly be in contact with your personal Engineer, Captain or Navigator.

With a technical issue the Engineer can directly log in to the ships systems and start diagnostics. Alarms, beeps and buzzez are silenced instantly and repair can take place while at the same time you continue your trip.

The system even anticipates on possible failures or errors that will occur in the future by constantly monitoring the systems and search for anomalies. It is like having an engineer 24/7 on board, servicing and maintaining your yacht to perfection.

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