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Destination: the rest of the world

When you own a luxury yacht for some time, you get familiar with the most popular destinations e.g.: Côte d’ azur, Islands of Greece, Virgin Islands, Palm Beach LA, etc. Even if you've visited one of those places, you've seen them all. Although very nice to visit, they don’t really stimulate the brain.

So while the majority of yacht owners float around the meds and caribbean, the more adventurous water-dog's stray off the beaten path. Escape the familiar, swapping the rat race for the remarkable.

There is always something new to discover. New ways of doing things, even for the most seasoned travelers. It’s a great feeling, one that never gets old. The excitement you experience before you leave to remote and uncharted waters. It triggers awareness and a strange sensation in your belly.

At Marinminds we understand that anyone can travel, but not everyone knows how to explore. Or has the time to make the necessary arrangements.

This is why you should hire your own Digital Yacht Crew, we facilitate your adventures.

Not an off the shelf itinerary, but perfectly tailored to your needs.

In addition, we take care of the necessary arrangements for your yacht, provide you the most excellent guiding during your trip and we’re always stand by for any questions or whatever service needed.

The upside, we do not invade your privacy and do not occupy precious space on board.

You live the dream, we take care of the boring stuff.

Go and make epic adventures, contact us now.

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