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Yacht - Alarm and monitoring systems

Alarm and monitoring system on board enable yacht crew to quickly respond to security and/or (potential) operational issues as part of yacht management. Include all components necessary for control and monitoring, including sensors and actuators.

Onboard marine electronic systems are connected to a central control panel collecting, processing and visualizing data. Most of the latest the systems are capable of pro-actively indicating potential problems by the use of machine learning, AI and improved connectivity.

Signals are generated from a wide variety of onboard systems, like; engines, generators, batteries, HVAC, Watertight doors, MOB cranes, AVIT and security.


A warning of an abnormal condition and is a combined visual and audible signal, where the audible part calls the attention of personnel, and the visual part serves to identify the abnormal condition.


Includes indication, alarming and/or protective safety functions.

Equipment under control (EUC)

Is the mechanical equipment (machinery, pumps, valves, etc.) or environment (smoke, fire, waves, etc.) monitored and/or controlled by a control and monitoring system.

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