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Beware of your Animal Instinct

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Because of the lock-downs in many parts of the world, segments of global and local business have ground to a halt, leading to peace and serenity on some of the world’s busiest marine routes.

Like the Bosporus in Istanbul, Turkey where normally fisher boats, cargo ships, passenger boats and luxury yachts criss-cross the straits 24 hours a day.

Now with nearly any traffic, bluenose dolphins are spotted, swimming and jumping, enjoying carefree moments. Although it’s not uncommon to spot a dolphin from the city’s quays, now they come much closer to the edge instead of normally staying far away from hectic life on shore.

This extraordinary phenomenon is observed all around the world, animals are spotted at remarkable (for the moment deserted) locations, because they feel safe and secure without being disturbed by us humans.

Funny thing is that we long for the same feeling and carefree time when we step on board a luxury yacht. Take time off our daily lives and search for peace and serenity. Travel to secluded spots where we enjoy the luxury of undisturbed moments. It's the same animal instinct.

Maybe it is time we think about the quality of our daily lives, think about the reason why we (also) have the urge to escape it. Harmony needs to be reinstated. Not only the balance between work and leisure, but also between humans and nature.

Marinminds is committed to restoring both of them.

We take care of everything needed for you to have an unburdened time on your yacht. You can pick your own duties on board, the ones you like, the rest you can leave to us. Digital Crew is for the adventurers who take pride in sailing their own luxury yacht, and we provide instant assistance wherever needed.

Your Digital Yacht Crew informs you about the status of your on board systems, wherever you are and available at anytime. At the same time it calculates the most efficient use of on board systems, maintaining lowest carbon footprint as possible. Marinminds Digital Yacht Crew is a hybrid system and can be connected to almost all existing marine electronic systems.

Interested to have your own Digital Yacht Crew, click here and you will be contacted by your Captain right away.

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