Yacht Management Service

Yacht Management Service refers to the entirety of services that are performed to support yacht owners. The services offered include:

  • advice and execution of the maintenance of a yacht

  • administration of the yachts expenses, certificates etc.

  • ensure the yacht is operated to the owners requirements.

  • advice and planning of yacht trips and itineraries.

  • finding, training and deployment of yacht crew

Yacht management companies

Camper & Nicholson, Burgess and Fraser are among the most well-known yacht management companies. Although these companies mainly focus on the management of superyachts and mega yachts.

Luxury yachts below 30-meter or 100-feet in length are usually managed by local yacht management companies which are located in all popular yachting areas: therefore you'll find the majority of yacht management companies in south of france, monaco and greece; florida: fort lauderdale and dubai.

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