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Custom Yacht [part 1]

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

The first move

Designing a new yacht (should) always start with inspiration. A sudden vision to do or to feel something special, a brilliant idea which is new to the world and completely suits your needs. If this is not the case, browse and search for ‘Yacht Broker’. Find and buy the best suited yacht to your needs, there is no need to waste any more precious resources.


How to choose the best designer? Which one of them is best in translating your vision on to paper? It is not an easy question, and there is no easy answer.

Here are some of the top dutch designer.

Check them out!

The best advice I can give you is to follow your gut instinct. Not only look at what they have produced in the past, but talk with them about everyday stuff, get to know them. ‘Them’ meaning not one or two, but at least three and rather more. Again, when something feels good it probably is.

A design brief is the starting point of the collaboration, developed by the designer (team) in collaboration with the client. It describes the outline and scope of the project, including timing and budget. There are four major questions to be answered:

Who will be using the yacht?

How will it be used?

Who will built this yacht

What is the budget?

The answers to these four questions will generate hundreds of detailed questions. At the end, the design brief will be approximately 15-35 pages covering physical size, construction and finish, and major equipment and systems. The way in which the designer will extract this information from you, is what makes the quest a pleasant experience opposed to a tiresome nightmare. The synthesis of all information is where the art and magic of yacht design lies.

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