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Docking. With total control.

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

For many yacht owners it is one of the most stressful moments aboard. Maneuvering your yacht into a narrow berthing facility. Not especially because it’s difficult or dangerous, but mostly because it’s potentially embarrassing if you goof.

‘It’s like when you have to steer your car into a tight spot, in front of a crowded terrace.’

Essential, for feeling comfortable during mooring into a berth is to be aware of the surroundings and the space left for maneuvering.

However most of the time when standing on your yacht, with steering wheel or joystick in hand, you are inside and the overall view of the surroundings is really bad. Looking ahead you can probably spot the tip of the bow. And while glancing over your right shoulder you can perhaps estimate the space left to shore. But without any assistance, it takes an experienced boat owner to securely maneuver the yacht in place.

Getting back to parking your car. The screen in the console provides you with enough information to feel confident. It shows a top view displaying the surroundings, together with a front and aft view showing the space that is left before colliding. It warns you when you get to close to an object by a visual or audible alarm. And it even lets you automatically park your car, while you only have to control accelerator and bakes.

You should expect the same assistance to be available on your luxury yacht!

With system of Marinminds on board your luxury yacht, you can single handedly and without any stress maneuver your yacht into any tight spot. Handle the most difficult accessible berth and tight spaces with ease. The yacht camera systems: Digital Yacht Crew with 360° surround view. The system offers top view, panorama view and 3D view. The Sail Recorder allows you to record a video of the yachts environment and play it back.

Marinminds provides you with the most advanced technology available on board. Contact us and experience the most exclusive service and professional high-end crew on the water.

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