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Meet the yacht crew

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Three members of our digital yacht crew make life aboard instantly comfortable, they entertain en make sure you stay in control of your yacht. Let's meet the engineer, captain and entertainer.

Digital Yacht Engineer

The most underestimated crew member for yachts is the engineer. He makes sure everything is running smoothly and no unexpected breakdowns spoil a precious stay onboard. Marinminds' digital yacht engineer is a set of algorithms using on- and off board sensor data and marine electronics to monitor, predict and inform the right stakeholder.

If, for example, unusual voltage drops in the electrical system are detected, the system notifies the yacht service supplier through the boat app. If a sudden, significant engine oil pressure is detected, the yacht owner is alarmed. The yacht owner isn't unnecessary disturbed with alarms but has peace of mind everything is running smoothly.

The digital yacht engineer learns from every event, his experience growth with the number of yachts it is installed on.

Digital Yacht Captain

Responsible for safety aboard and controlling the ship, he is the yacht manager, managing all required tasks and responding to questions and requests from the guests. Marinminds' digital yacht captain consists of a set of assistance systems and a software environment helping Marinminds to efficiently and remotely manage your yacht.

The assistance system shown in the video is a 3D surround camera system. The system intelligently merges onboard cameras into corner and top views resulting in a complete overview of the yacht's surroundings. Stressfully walking around the yacht, looking around the corners is history with a birds eye view on the helm station.

Digital Yacht Entertainer

At home and in our cars we effortlessly play our favourite music and stream videos from providers like Netflix or Amazon, why not on our yacht?

Marinminds Digital Yacht Entertainer is a set of devices and software letting you cast and stream your music and videos from your smartphone to the onboard tv's and speakers. Giving the yacht owner the convenience it is used to at home.

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