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This Yacht Crew is prepared

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

We all are familiar with the stories about people getting lost at sea.

Boats capsize during a storm, yachts adrift through mechanical malfunction, or man overboard situations. The best stories tell people survive for several weeks or even months on rainwater and some dry cookies. Until they are found and taken back to the civilized world.

Exciting survival adventures, but situations you don’t want to find yourself in.

What most of these stories have in common is bad preparation. Not knowing what to do in emergency situations, getting ambushed by an unexpected storm or taking badly maintained equipment to sea.

Making sure you are well prepared is the number one feature of your Digital Yacht Crew.

Your yacht is checked by a remote engineer 24/7 making sure your luxury yacht is in its best condition. Your personal navigator will advice on possible itineraries and weather forecasts, and your personal captain provides you with all the information needed to make your trip a safe journey.

What can your personal engineer do for you? Here’s an example.

Should there be an unexpected break down of mechanical parts,

or an electronic issue occurs your engineer will try to solve it right away. Can’t it be solved remotely, he will guide you to the nearest technical service point. We already contacted the shipyard and made arrangements, reserved rare repair time and your engineer already discussed possible causes and solutions to the problem.

At Marinminds we know all the service points in and around the meds to got to.

When the cause of the problem is apparent, we order the parts that need to be replaced before you arrive at the yard. Saving you a lot of time.

All is only possible because our system is connected.

We do not pretend we can prevent all possible dangerous situations on board, but we will make sure that you are ultimately prepared.

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