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Trim a yacht to perfection

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

A properly trimmed yacht is set to give the best performance. It will not only perform best in terms of speed and fuel efficiency but when done right it also increases stability and safety.

Independently controlled tabs can additionally be used to compensate for uneven weight distribution and to hold yachts attitude in crosswinds or crossing seas. Easing the job of the captain of giving his yacht crew a smoother drive.

Thus for smooth cruising and reaching top speed (faster) it is important to know how to trim your yacht correctly.

How it works

Most yachts handle best when running parallel or slightly in an angle with their static waterline.

When the trim tabs are lowered, they deflect the flow of the water along the hull downward, which allows for an up force at the transom, which in turn lowers the bow.

Trim the angel of the yacht to much down, the vee of the bow will drop to far digging into the water. The yacht plows through the water and steering becomes difficult. Trim the angle of the yacht to much up, will cause the stern to squat and bow to rise. Minimizing visibility forward and increase the disturbance of hull pounding.

How to use

Learn how to use the trim tabs by experience. There is not a ‘one formula recipe’ for every yacht is different. The optimum is found when max speed is achieved at any throttle setting, your common sense will help you adjust trim to sea conditions and weight distribution. Variation in weight and weather conditions leads to variation in trim settings.

The best way to approach is to operate the trim controls with short bursts and then wait for the yacht to level out, before making any corrections. It takes time for the yachts thrust and drag to reach a new state of equilibrium. The key here is not to over-trim and ending up in a continuous loop of adjustments.

Trial by error will take up to bigger part of learning how to best trim your yacht. Take time to experiment and you will quickly become acquainted with your yachts particular traits.

Instant comfort and control

At Marinminds we assist in providing the best yachting experience. We provide you with tailored information on operating your yacht, through our boating app, connected devices on-board your yacht and remote assistance services. Speak or chat instantly to your online captain, engineer or navigator. Your digital yacht crew.

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