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Truly smart yacht management software: A new dawn in luxury yachting

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

To meet the demand for ever increasing service standards in yachting, some level of assimilation with the traditional way of doing things is inevitable.

There is no doubting the fact that there are massive potentials for smart software in yachting. Smart yacht management software leverages new digital technologies like AI and connectivity with industry insights and experience.

Smart software solutions have been deployed in automotive, hospitality and most importantly in the travel business. But one thing is clear, the maritime and yachting industry were at best, wary of the wholesome adoption of truly smart solutions.

The reason being adduced by everybody is that custom, one-off yachts require custom software solutions: and custom equals costs and risk (to break down). For smart yacht management software to be widely accepted, there will be a need for some level of assimilation with the traditional way of doing things.

The industry came up with yacht management software for yachts over 40m. Software that is basically a database filled with crew and guest lists, maintenance schedules, spare parts and accountancy. Databases that require even more crew to maintain and are basically nothing more than a HRM, PMS and accountancy tool.

This is where the brothers Matthijs and Koenraad de Haas came up with the idea of the world’s first truly smart yacht management software. “With such vast amounts of on- and off board data it simply isn't possible to analyse and act efficiently” Koenraad says.

Connected devices and AI enable a whole new approach to yacht management. Yacht service suppliers reduce operating costs; yacht crew spending less time on deskwork while the yachting experience of the yacht owner is dramatically enhanced.

One area where we have started seeing the positive impact is in client interaction: people are used to interact cross-platform, receive up-to-the-second status information and get instant answers on their questions. "Our AI-driven platform does just that: monitor and manage continuously and inform when required" Koenraad says.

The automation is achieved with actual status data from the yacht being analysed. The system only sends relevant notifications not only to the yacht manager, but also to the person responsible for the task: be it a mechanic to fix an issue or a marina to book a berth for the night.

Close collaboration with local yacht service suppliers means a technician is quickly at the scene to fix issues. This is where the the boundaries of location based yacht service and management is being stretched.

Cutting steps in the process is essential to increase efficiency. Mistakes through communication and misunderstandings are a thing of the past when everybody receives the necessary information and understands the full situation.

Now that the world has embraced AI and connected devices, the world of yachting just has to catch up and follow suit.

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