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Yacht service

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

First class flight to Monaco. By arrival, a chauffeur is waiting to take you and your family to a private dock, here your newly acquired luxurious yacht is waiting for you. Everything is setup for spending a family weekend on your yacht and cruise around the Mediterranean. Fuel tank is filled up, deck is cleaned and fridge is full. You are ready to go.

Marine electronics

But hold on, before you set sail to the first idyllic fishing town along the coast, you have to setup the Navigation system. You press the power button, nothing happens. Press it again, but again nothing happens. Not sure how to start-up the onboard system you ask one of the crew at the harbor to give you a helping hand.

Luckily, he knows how to start up the system, he hits the same button you did but holds it for three seconds. You feel stupid now you remember that’s how it works.

Yacht crew

Now that the Nav is set, you are ready to go. However, the next challenge presents itself, steering the yacht out of the tight spot. Luckily the nice young men who helped with the onboard system also offers to assist with giving directions and manage the lines. The crew on the neighboring yacht look concerned, pressure is on, but you manage to leave without a scratch.

When steering your yacht to open sea, you feel relieved, finally you are able to enjoy.

But the feeling quickly disappears when you remember, you forgot to book a berth at the marina for tonight. Also you recall something reading about low tide and narrow fairway at the entrance of the harbor. The anxiety hits again, what to do when there is no spot at the harbor? How to contact the office for reservation? Where can I find the tide chart? If the marina is full, where is the anchorage area? How to set the anchor again?

We at Marinminds address above issues, and provide you with your own personal Digital yacht Crew byb boat app. Are you ready for instant control & comfort? contact Marinminds.

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